Classic pounamu earrings

These classically shaped, long polished pounamu earrings will make you stand taller and feel so very elegant. Making the eye follow your neckline, they emphasize the graceful curves of your collar bone and chest. Furthermore, the thin tips glow as the light shines through. Pull up your hair, throw your shoulders back, get these pounamu earrings on and feel like a pirinihehe in these exquisite beauties.

Pounamu length 72mm, plus hook 95mm total
We hand make our hooks using sustainably sourced sterling silver

The Story
Tangiwai is the most ancient form of pounamu. It is bowenite rock, which is different in composition to the more common nephrite.
Tangiwai takes its name from the tears that come from great sorrow. Tangi means “to cry” and wai means “water”, or “tears”. Koko-tangiwai, the longer name for this stone, refers to a deep sorrow that is never completely healed.

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