Our Kaupapa

                                                             Solidified Wairua

Tim gathering pounamu in Nelson river
Tim Moran - Nelson Carver of Pounamu
3 pounamu earrings in tree

You will not find any mass produced, factory line, machine cut pieces here. You are all individuals, and we believe your jewellery should reflect that.

Timoti was led to this mahi by a series of moemoea (dreams) and we are personally invested in each taonga. We ourselves gather each stone from the valleys of Te Tau Ihu, Aotearoa.(Nelson, New Zealand)

You are purchasing a taonga, a treasure, and we believe our processes should respect that. Each piece is designed and carved here with our own two hands.

Because each stone, and indeed each slice, has its own unique colours and patterns, strengths and flaws, we let the stone inform our design rather than forcing the stone to conform to our needs.

Every taonga by Timoti has its own personality and story. Every taonga by Timoti holds its own mystery and spirit. Just like you.

Black jade bangles
Model wearing large pounamu earrings

Since this first moemoeā Tim has had other dreams that have involved him finding other taonga.

These dreams have led us to develop a Kaupapa(core values) that reflect the essence of the dream and the responsibility we feel to follow the taniwha, to protect its home and to find out why there are so many dreams.

Te moemoeā o te taniwha me to Kaupapa

Timoti was led to this mahi by a vivid and reoccuring moemoeā.

“One night I dreamt of a green taniwha that came up from our awa and pulled me back in. I woke up, looked around, went back to sleep, and then had the dream again. I woke up the second time and feeling quite agitated by my dream I went to check on our tamariki to make sure they were safe, after I went back to bed, to sleep and had the dream a third time.

On waking the third time it was dawn so I woke my wife and told her the dream. We got up, got our kids dressed and went down to the awa. Walking down the river to the place I recognised from my dream I found a large green boulder. Taking this boulder home I entered upon my journey into the world of carving and protecting our taonga.”

Tanwhai drawing by Meliita

Taniwha by Melita

Our Kaupapa

People before profit, Papatūānuku before profit, Integrity before profit

Whanaungatanga “process of establishing relationships, relating well to others”
We work to provide our customers with a taonga that they dream of owning, the piece that reflects their personality, their whanau, their culture. We achieve this by getting to know our customers, building relationships with them and placing people before profits. This is Whanaungatanga.

Kaitiakitanga “guardianship, stewardship, trustee”
We believe that as humans we are part of the natural world. This is a symbiotic relationship and because of the taniwha moemoea we feel it is our responsibility to protect the awa and the taonga in it. As Kaitiaki we:

  • harvest sustainably
  • educate others on the spiritual and cultural value of the taonga and the awa
  • we are working with others to create public awareness of the limited resource that is our taonga(programme in schools)
  • we put funds from every sale back into a river revegetation project
  • Our workshop, our home, our lifestyle is all about reducing our footprint on the planet.
  • We buy local, support local and only use ethically sourced products.
    Matatika– “be right, straight, ethical, fair, equitable, honest, upright.”(https://maoridictionary.co.nz/)

Matatika – “be right, straight, ethical, fair, equitable, honest, upright.”
It is essential to us that we only use genuine stone from Aotearoa that is legally and ethically sourced. The majority of our taonga is harvested by Tim from local awa. Tim has been given the blessing from local iwi to do this.

Occasionally we do bring in taonga from other areas of Aotearoa, on these occasions we only purchase or trade with reputable dealers. Taonga By Timoti is always respectful of iwi rohe and collection rights.

Tikanga “correct procedure, custom, lore, method, manner, protocol – the customary system of values and practices that have developed over time and are deeply embedded in the social context.”
Taonga By Timoti works to understand and observe tikanga Māori where ever possible and correct. Taonga by Timoti also aims to spread the knowledge and understanding of tikanga Māori through the correct use of it in their business. This includes Karakia and waiata to begin and end programmes, karakia before gathering taonga, obtaining the blessing of local iwi to gather and carve taonga, respecting and protecting Papatuanuku in our business practises and continuing to learn Te reo Māori and tikanga Māori.

Māori definitions are from www.maoridictionary.co.nz/

Tim Nelson Carver of pounamu

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