Carve Your Story

Discover the beauty and history of carving through our intimate pounamu carving experiences. All of our experiences start with a mihi and karakia. Our local carver, Timoti Moran, will take you to the streams of Te Tau Ihu where our pounamu is collected. He will introduce you to the awa and share the history and stories associated with this area, as well as stories of his own.

Whakairo Pounamu

Choosing stones

Select, Design and Carve your own Pounamu Taonga

Duration: 4-6 Hours
Choose from a range of designs and learn how to carve your own pounamu taonga.


  • Mihi, Karakia and Introduction.
  • Meet Timoti Moran and hear his story.
  • Learn the history and story of Te Tau Ihu and Pounamu.
  • Select a design and carve your taonga.
  • Enjoy a delicious kai.
  • Limited to groups of 2-5 people.

Cost $450 per person.

As the weather gets colder and our water starts to freeze in the pipes we put a hold on our wānanga till warmer weather arrives. Our next Whakairo Pounamu wānanga is in OCTOBER 2024.   If you are absolutely desperate for a wānanga before October get in touch with us and we'll see if we can work something out.

Contact us to book or to find out more...

Pounamu Wānanga

Gathering pounamu

Heal and Connect, Community Group Workshop

Duration: Full Day (4 days over a month)
A specific programme designed to help people work through their mamae, reconnect with their whakapapa and find their mana.


  • Mihi, Karakia and Introduction.
  • Meet Timoti Moran and hear his story.
  • Learn the history and story of Te Tau Ihu and Pounamu..
  • Select a design and carve your taonga.
  • Visit local wahi tapu and immerse yourself in the wairua.
  • Enjoy delicious kai.
  • Minimum groups of 4 people, maximum group of 8.

Cost $410 (incl GST) per person.

Contact us to book or to find out more...

Tapuwae - Leave only footprints - a TV documentary

Check out this amazing TV documentary with Pio, featuring our carving wānanga. The carving wānaga with Timoti starts around 10mins.


What manuhiri (visitors) are saying


“So lovely to meet you all.  Daria and I had the most special time. I told my family it was such a wonderful soul warming experience, it truly was.

Thank you for sharing  your home, your hearts and your skills with us.  Topping it all off with amazing food and sitting round the fire at night.  Just perfect.”  

Scott Linklater

Te Haumi Māori o CLM.

"We came across Timoti and his whanau by chance. We run a leadership programme supporting Māori within our organisation (CLM) through the kaupapa Aroora. Whilst looking for locations and people we could visit in the Whakatū region we stumbled across Timoti through a google search, a quick phone call, and a drive down a windy wooded lane.

On first meeting we knew we had found a taonga (mind the pun) and had to bring our rōpū. Not only is all of Timoti’s work exceptional, and the manaakitanga that he and his family showed us exemplary, but the wairua that we felt, and feel every time we are there, which in turn he fuses into any piece you get from this talented artist, brings us back again and again.

Solidified Wairua indeed."


“What a wonderful experience and beautiful soul!  My husband and I scheduled time with Timoti to learn the basics of his craft and culture. What we left with was so much more than just a piece of art. If you have the chance to spend time with Timoti and his family you will be truly blessed. He is a patient and encouraging teacher. His kindness and hospitality are beyond words. I only wish we could have spent more time in his presence. Thank you Timoti and Morganne for all you are and all you give.” 

Colm and whānau

"Thanks so much for the wonderful experience last week - it was a really insightful and enjoyable day learning about pounamu and maori culture and identity.

It was so clear to us how respectful and engaged with tradition your family is.

Would highly recommend the experience to anyone and everyone!"