Pounamu Jewellery, treasured taonga in authentic New Zealand greenstone.

Contemporary designs, traditional values

Latest Creations

We bring you one-of-a-kind artisan creations. Each piece lovingly hand-crafted for you in pounamu (greenstone) harvested by Timoti from the Nelson region of New Zealand.

Pounamu Jewellery

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Carving your story

Commissioned pieces let you tell your story your way. You can design your own piece to be carved by us, bring us your stone to be worked into something special or develop a whānau piece that can be carved and carried by each whānau member.

As hand carvers, we work each piece from source to completion and are able to provide you with a truly unique, custom-made taonga to be treasured forever.  Come to us with your needs, wants and ideas and we can work with you to create the taonga you've always dreamed of carving but didn't know how.

If you would like a piece made specifically for you please contact us and we can work together to carve your story.

Solidified Wairua

Timoti was led to this mahi by a series of moemoea (dreams) and we are personally invested in each taonga.   We gather each stone from the valleys of Te Tau Ihu, Aotearoa (Nelson, New Zealand). Each piece is designed and carved here with our own two hands.

Pounamu and Pakohe are a taonga to Māori, and indeed all of New Zealand, and we believe our work processes should respect that.

Every taonga carries the wairua of its journey and is being passed into your care to continue on in its story.

Nelson pounamu is truly unique

Pounamu refers to 3 different stone types, Nephrite, Bowenite and Serpentine, found in Te Wai Pounamu o Aotearoa.

Nelson pounamu is truly unique in its colours, patterns and mineral makeup. No two slices are ever the same. Each taonga we find, and indeed each slice of the taonga, is completely different in pattern and colour. Each piece is a new being, an individual.

Pounamu Rings from New Zealand Jade

What folks are saying

"My family and I travelled to the USA to visit with extended family and wanted to take a gift from New Zealand that really had significance and meaning. Timoti made us a set of beautiful pounamu pendants for the 3 adults and 3 children in our extended family. Made from the same stone the gifting of these was received with intense emotion and really connected our family across the distance of the oceans.

Our family immediately wore these and have rarely taken then off. Knowing we are always connected in this way has been a true blessing. Thank you Timoti for creating such a meaningful and special taonga for us to share."
- M Tukana

"Wow! Absolutely spot on! Love it love it love it!"
- Denny  Monk

“The pounamu was such a great gift!  Me and my brother Reuben wore it from the time I got it till we gave it to our brother Joey in Australia. I think it really meant a lot to him and when I pulled it out from around my neck I heard people gasp. It is such a beauty!

Rueben and I looked for a piece for him for ages and it’s amazing how none of them had what we wanted, but what you sent was exactly what we had in our heads. Thank you so much for the Taonga and your generous spirit.”
- Delaney Davidson

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