Rua Hiriwa – Silver and pounamu ring

Silver and pounamu green are a beautiful and classic colour combination. Think sophisticated wedding or classy christmas and silver and green are there.  Or think silver ferns and misty mountain forests for natures twist on this stunning colour combination.  Many of Aotearoa’s most beautiful creations combine silver and pounamu, bringing a touch of light to darker forest areas(Astelia, Tikumu, Ponga and more…) A harmonious union of colour. So it made sense to bring those colours together in a ring that would make the perfect engagement or wedding band.  The colours symbolising the harmonious union of two people in love.  I love this ring so much I had one made for myself.

⭐️Before ordering please carefully read through our care instructions here to decide if a pounamu ring is right for you and your lifestyle⭐️

  • Please allow a minimum of 12 weeks for your ring to be made.
  • Please contact us for information on sizing your ring finger.
  • The Rua Hiriwa starts at $2800 in sterling silver. Please contact us for a quote.




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