Toki Poutangata

This is a unique piece combining contemporary and historical elements.  The taonga is made up of two separately carved pieces of pounamu. The cream head of Kokopo represents the wooden handle of Toki poutangata, with the Kahurangi toki bound to it. This is artisan craft at its finest. It is truly one of a kind and was created in a flood of inspiration. In contrast, the colours are striking together and will compliment any outfit.  While little pounamu toggles on the necklace make it easy to adjust the length and bring the colours through the whole piece.  This taonga would suit a man or woman, and make a fabulous gift for the orator, leader or person who has successfully completed a difficult task.

95mm from tip to base x 25 max width

The Story

Toki poutangata are ceremonial adzes made of a pounamu adze lashed to a finely carved wooden handle.  They were symbols of rank and only owned by chiefly persons, individuals with great mana.  Furthermore the Te Papa website states that Māori ethnologist Te Rangi Hiroa maintained this implement  “formed an exclusive article in the property of a chiefly family, to be borne on ceremonial occasions, to accompany the gestures of the family orator, and to lie in state on the breast of the chiefly dead.”(article link)


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