The Golden Pounamu Triangle Pendant

The golden pounamu triangle is just magic.  What more can I say?!  From its golden edge to its plant-like dendritic markings and its chatoyant tremolite fibres, this pounamu pendant is just stunning.  The next kaitiaki of this incredible taonga will spend hours gazing at its patterns and movement, just as we have!

This taonga is the perfect size for a man or woman.  With its gently rounded edges, it also fits nicely into the hand for those times when you need to hang on to something that will keep you grounded.

Carved in a rare Kokopu pounamu this pendant is absolutely a one of a kind taonga.

65mm length x 50mm wide at top

The Story

We carve pounamu triangles because they represent the maunga which are at the centre of who we are and where we come from. Your maunga sits amongst the centre of your pepeha.

Maunga are the heights of the feminine beauty of Papatūānuku. And they are her tendrils of love reaching high for Ranginui. Ranginui and Tawhirimatea always reside with Papatuanuku wherever her maunga pierces the veil of the sky.

Maunga bring emotional stability and strength, for the roots of a maunga go deeper then it’s height, down into the very heart of Papatūānuku.

Maunga are strong and resilient, they can be shaken but they will not break. But maunga also change over time as weathering shapes them, just as we are shaped by our experiences in life.

This Kokopu pounamu has been sitting in a high mineral bath for many thousands of years, over time some of these minerals seep into hairline fractures creating beautiful whispy patterns in the pounamu, these are the dendrites. Pounamu from the Nelson region tends to have more dendritic corruption due to the high amount of minerals in this area.


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