Te Waka tapu o Tākitimu

Dr Matamua summarised the story of this waka best;

“Te Waka tapu o Tākitimu is a canoe with Matariki at the front and Tautoru (Orion’s belt) at the back, captained by a star called Taramainuku. Te Kupenga a Taramainuku is the net of Taramainuku and every night the constellation is in the sky, Taramainuku casts his net down to earth to gather the souls of the people who died that day. He carries them along behind his waka for 11 months and then takes them to the underworld when the constellation sets next to the sun in May. The constellation rises again in a month and Taramainuku releases the souls of the dead into the sky to become stars. This is the origin of the saying ‘kua wheturangihia koe’ (’you have now become a star’).”    (https://bit.ly/3txwFjF)

As Tim carved this stone pendant this story of his youth kept coming back to him. And so Te Waka tapu o Tākitimu was created in serpentine, to be shared with you. With its gently curved hiwi(hull) it is a wonderful shape in your hands.  It even has sparkling stars to be seen inside it.  This taonga represents our loved ones that have passed on to become stars in the sky.

  • A one of a kind taonga by Timoti
  • Serpentine from Te Tau Ihu
  • Length 116mm x 35mm



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