Te Rātā – large toki pendant

Tim named this toki Rātā because the dendritic pattern within tells of the story of Rātā and his waka.  Rātā was a young man who’s father had recently been murdered by a raiding party.  To enact revenge on his father’s murderers, he had to build a waka for travel. He found the tallest, straightest tree in the forest for the waka and cut it down.  But Rātā forgot to offer prayers to Tāne, the god of the forest, before cutting the tree down. The children of Tāne were outraged and decided to teach him a lesson.

When Rata returned for the tree the next day, he found it standing upright. He was confused, but again chopped down the tree – and again returned the next day to find the tree is upright. So he cut down the tree a third time. He then returned at night to watch what happened and he sees all the insects and birds putting the tree back together. Rata asked them, “What do you think you are doing?” They told him he had disrespected Tāne by not offering prayers.

Rātā was ashamed of his actions and asked for forgiveness. Because Rātā was remorseful the children of Tāne decided not to punish him. They told him to return the next day. When Rātā returned to the forest the next morning he found a waka, his waka, created for him by the children of Tāne. Rātā was now able to avenge his father and became a respected leader in the community.

This is a strong toki that reminds us to always ask permission before we act, to be knowledgable of tikanga and to remember that all elements of the earth are here living together. We must care for and respect one another.

Scroll through the photos to see it beautifully modelled by our niece Hanni.

  • Length 108mm x 55mm wide
  • Carved in pounamu from Tai Poutini
  • A one of a kind taonga by Timoti



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