Te Kore – Black pounamu toki

Te Kore is the void, a vast nothingness, a state of chaos.  But Te Kore is also potentiality.  The unlimited potential of what might become. Māori Marsden described Te Kore as ‘the realm between non-being and being: that is the realm of potential being.’(source)  

The creation story begins with Te Kore, from which came Te Po, the eons of darkness and night. Finally from Te Po emerges Te Ao (the light and the world).  Long before life began there was Te Kore. Not a thing to be feared, but a thing of immense potential, abundant with possibilities.  And so too did all life spring from this void.  We are all beings created from the void of limitless potential.

Toki were one of the most important tool for Māori, used for any number of everyday jobs from digging ground, Moa hunting and food preparation to cutting down trees and carving out waka. Because of this toki have become a symbol of potentiality, of what can be created with hard work and perseverance.  Toki had to be strong to endure the cutting and scraping motions of use and so became a symbol of strength, courage and fortitude as well as power, wisdom and authority.

Carved in a very rare true black pounamu found by Tim here in the awa of Te Tau Ihu.  Unlike most black Aotearoa pounamu there is no green in the depths of this stone. It is pure black through and through.  This pounamu has been created in the depths of Papatūānuku, pushed up to the surface only to be pushed back down again to be recooked, hardened and darkened before coming to the surface again. This may have happened many times over millenia.

And so, this true black pounamu toki was created to remind the wearer that we all hold this unlimited potential. That we are all unique.  That we must work hard, persevere, be courageous and make wise choices if we are to follow and fulfill our potential. The unlimited potential that lies within all of us.

Na Te Kore, Te Pō
Ki te Whai-Ao
Ki te Ao-Mārama
Tihei mauri-ora

 From the void, the night
To the glimmer of dawn
To the bright light of day
There is life
Te Kore


Finer Details


*Black pounamu from Te Tau Ihu awa.

*Length 70mm x 34mm.

*A one-of-a-kind Taonga By Timoti, so you can be assured your taonga is as unique as you are.

*Strung on adjustable waxed cord.



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