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Tāwhirimātea – silver blue pounamu

A distinctive silver and blue chatoyant pounamu that looks and feels alive with energy, like Tāwhirimātea. Tim polished one face of this pebble and shaped it into a disc, representing the stormy heavens. At the same time, he left the raw rind to be enjoyed with its tactile hills and hollows. Can you spy a kea head on the left-hand side? Dendrites in the rind make his feathered wings come to life. Truly a disc of the sky god, Tāwhiritmātea, father of the winds. Although challenging I have attempted to show you all of its personality in the photos.
Diameter 49mm

The Story
Tāwhirimātea is the Māori god who controls the weather and father of the four winds. Tāwhirimātea was the only god who disagreed with his brothers when they chose to separate their parents(Ranginui and Papātuānuku) so light could come into the world. After the separation, he ascended to the sky to be with his father. Together they plotted revenge on his brothers. To this day Tāwhirimātea continues to attack humans in storms and hurricanes, trying to destroy them as he seeks vengeance on his brother Tūmatauenga, the god of war and humans.
The kea is named after its call, “keee aaa”. A tough mountain parrot, the Waitaha people believed Kea were kaitiaki of their people.

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