Pounamu Manaia

If you are looking for a pounamu manaia that is unique and beautiful then this is the one for you.  In a gorgeous deep green tangiwai that lights up with translucent brilliance when you hold it to the light. Flick through the photos to see its brilliance.  This taonga exudes strength and character. Furthermore, the white rind ‘foot’ gives it a very real feel of life and movement.   Manaia are guardians and guides holding a place of great significance in Māori carving and culture(read more of their meaning below).  Our pounamu manaia are always never to be repeated one-of-a-kind pieces so you can know that this taonga is yours alone.

135mm Length from tip to tail x 65mm at widest point

The Story

Manaia are messengers between the realm of mortals and the spiritual world. They are both guardians and bringers of omens. Wearing one is believed to protect the wearer from evil and connect you with the spirit world.  With the head of a bird, tail of a sea creature and body of a human they bring balance between the sky, earth and sea.


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