Small pounamu pendant – porowhita

Another cute wee pendant perfect for kids. Equally suitable for adults wanting a pounamu pendant that is small, light and suitable for wearing 24/7 through life. The small pounamu beads came from a bracelet we found in a second-hand shop, so we decided to give them new life as necklace closures. You can see in the first image that this pounamu pendant will show you the depth of its character when you hold it up to the light. A feminine, delicate and classic wee pendant that will make you look equally fabulous in your gym gear or your little black dress.
Diameter 36mm

The story
The porowhita(circle) holds universal relevance as a symbol of perfection, and the complete as well as the endless cycle of life, death, timelessness and eternity. For us, the circular pounamu pendants also represent celestial bodies and the circular nature of the universe.

The finer points

    • We gather the pounamu ourselves, so the type of pounamu we have available to us is always changing depending on what the awa brings to us.  If you see something you love, to avoid disappointment we recommend you take the opportunity to purchase it while you can as we cannot guarantee the same colour pounamu will always be available to us
    • We make your porowhita taonga to order.  Individually hand-carved just for you.
    • Please remember that pounamu is a natural material so every taonga we make from this stone will be distinct due to the unique variations within the stone.
    • Precious things take time – please allow up to 14 days from your order to completion of your taonga.  If you need your taonga urgently please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your request.


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