Patupaiarehe – Inanga toki from the children of the mists

Patupaiarehe are pale-skinned and fair or red-headed supernatural beings that live in the realm between man and the gods.  Some call them the fairy folk.  Patupaiarehe live in the deep forests and mist-covered mountain tops of Aotearoa.

The patupaiarehe used the mist to cloak and veil themselves as direct sunlight is harmful to their skins.  The inanga of this toki holds the swirling mists in which the patupaiarehe hide, and hence it was named Patupaiarehe.

A strong toki with a massive presence.  With shifting mist like swirls of silvery-white, this an absolutely stunning toki. This is a taonga with power and poise and has been named to reflect the presence that it holds.

This toki can be held in the hand to give strength when it is needed or if you feel the need to pull the misty veil around themselves.

Don’t be alarmed by the ridges in the stone, this inanga toki is strong and sturdy. Tim left the raw features to keep you connected with Papatūānuku, our earth mother.

A rare find, you really need to hold this toki to your heart to feel its full beauty.

  •  A one-of-a-kind taonga by Timoti, so you can be assured your taonga is as unique as you are.
  • Inanga pounamu from Te Tai Poutini
  • 109 mm length x 48mm width



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