Papatūānuku pounamu pendant

Papatūānuku, mother earth.  This Papatūānuku pounamu pendant reflects many characteristics of mother earth.  The black inclusions give the impression of forests and mountains.  There is white sea foam, rift valleys and cloudy mountain tops.  It even has little speckles of mica that help bring this taonga to life.  Carved with beautiful soft edges and curved form, this taonga is a reflection of this beautiful earth that we live on.  And, of course, it is literally from the earth.  Formed deep in the womb of Papatūānuku and moved up to the surface as she moves underneath us. A taonga for the mother earth in all of us.

The perfect size to wear every day, and still big enough to make a statement when you want to. Classic, elegant, timeless.

⭐️As always, this is a one-of-a-kind taonga by Timoti, so you can be assured your taonga is as unique as you are.

⭐️75mm diameter

The Story

Papatūānuku, mother earth. She emerged from the water and gave birth to all life.  She is also the place to which we all return after death.  Māori culture aligns women with the land, because the land gives birth to humankind just as women do. As the world was born from Papatūānuku, so humankind is born from women. A woman’s womb, called te whare tangata(the house of humanity), is seen as the same as the womb of the earth.


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