Niho Pounamu Shard

Every single piece of pounamu is special. But some of them just stick in your mind more than others.  The Niho Pounamu Shard is one of those taonga. You see, this niho pounamu has a unique story to its creation.

Apart from the hole for stringing and a little softening of some sharp edges, Tim has not altered this taonga from the shape it was found in. This is, in fact, a natural pounamu niho.

You see, this pounamu niho shard was formed as it was blown out from a rock by goldminers some 150 odd years ago. We know this because of the shape of the stone and the place it came from.  In those days the gold was of far more value to the miners than the pounamu, and so the pounamu was simply left behind.  Left, to be discovered and brought to you so many years later.

Niho means tooth.  The niho has long been an important symbol to Māori.  Niho from whales and sharks were highly prized as objects of adornment. It is thought that they were worn to convey the mana of the animal on to the wearer.  Bone and stone carvings of niho have also been found and niho are a prominent feature on tukutuku panels and other woven and carved objects. All of this signifies that niho always been significant to Māori.

The niho is a powerful taonga. It may show that you have or are striving towards the characteristics of the whale or shark – strength, resilience, power.  Or the niho can say that you have overcome a massive obstacle in your life, that you have conquered your taniwha.

Is there someone in your life who could use the resilience of the whale or the strength of the shark?

He toka tū moana, arā he toa rongonui.

Your strength is like a rock that stands in raging waters.

  • One of a kind, taonga by Timoti
  • 100mm length x 55mm width
  • Inanga pounamu from Te Tai Poutini


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