Ngā Rā o Kupe

This is a rather magnificent piece.  Carved in vibrant green Kahurangi pounamu the colour is lush and gorgeous. One side is polished to an inner green shine. While Tim left the raw outer layer exposed on the other side. Hence you can see that beautiful shimmering silver rinds reflecting the movement of a sail in the wind.

It’s pleasing curves and rounded edges make this pounamu pleasurable in your hands. Great for the tactile person. With its lush green and shimmering silver, it is striking against any outfit. A pounamu taonga full of character and unique style.

⭐️ One-of-a-kind taonga by Timoti, so you can be assured your taonga is as unique as you are.

⭐️145mm length x 55mm wide

The Story

Tim grew up in Uawa hearing the story of the sail of Kupe in his rohe.  We know there is another sail Just north of Whangarā, where Paikea settled, is Waiharehare Bay. Here sits the sail of Kupe waka, a large triangular cliff face of shining white limestone. Ngā rā o Kupe appears to be a sail shimmering in the wind. Due to its shinning white surface boats can see it from far out at sea. It is such a prominent navigation point that all of Tim’s tupuna navigated there way to land with the aid of ngā rā o Kupe.

There is another more widely known sail of Kupe in Palliser Bay. Many of you may know of that prominent landmark also.


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