Māhanga Manuah Toki

This is a powerful set of pounamu toki with a very special story.

Māhanga – the same kind of the same kind.  These two taonga are made from the same slice of the same stone, cut side by side. They are the same shape of the same stone.  The same kind of the same kind.

Manuah means heart, both the physical heart and the seat of affection and emotion. The manuah line on a ta moko is the skin space between the tattoo lines, where the life energy flows through the moko. They represent your life, your journey and how you’ve spent or intend to spend your time on earth.

When you put these toki side by side you can see the manuah line running through the centre, with the edges making the outline of the ta moko.

So the Māhanga Manuah set of pendants represents the heart, the energy, the physical and emotional lifeline that runs between two people.

This gorgeous pounamu set is perfect for twins, siblings, best friends, or partners. Keep your loved ones close to you with these taonga that will be a life long symbol of love and friendship.  Carved from the same slice of the same stone, carved side by side.  Bearing the same manuah. They belong together.

  • One of a kind taonga by Timoti
  • Marsden Flower jade pounamu from Te Tai Poutini
  • Larger toki – 79mm x 38mm at widest point
  • Smaller toki – 76mm x 36mm



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