Kokopu Roimata pendant

This is a drop of earthy goodness.  With incredible swirling patterns and that gorgeous golden rind, this roimata really resembles a drop of earth.  Check out the photos to see it blending into its natural habitat.  Tim has also shaped this piece so that it comes to finely carved edges. It’s quite soothing to run your fingers along and play with.

This vibrant colours of this Kokopu roimata make it just ‘pop’ against any coloured outfit. It really is a stand-out taonga.

⭐️This is a one-of-a-kind taonga by Timoti, so you can be assured your taonga is as unique as you are.

⭐️140mm length x 40mm wide

The Story

Roimata are tears from crying.  They are a lovely gift when you are wanting to express empathy and compassion for the sorrow of a loved one. Or perhaps you are sharing tears of joy? Roimata taonga are a beautiful way to show someone that you love them, you are thinking of them, and that you are with them always.


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