Kiritai Toki

Kiritai is your outer skin or the uncarved face of the pounamu.

Pounamu is an entity and a created being like you and I. In the spiritual realm we are all the same, it is only our physical form within the world that differentiates us.  When we leave it in it’s un-carved state this is the kiritai, or outer skin, of pounamu.   

The edges of this toki have been left raw, uncarved, so that you can feel the kiritai of the pounamu.  Having the feeling of skin against skin is truly something else. It makes one feel very grounded, you know, in touch with Papatūānuku and aware of your place in taiao, as a part of the whole.  It keeps one balanced throughout the day.

  • Marsden Flower Jade pounamu from  Te Tai Poutini.
  • 65mm long x 17mm wide
  • One of a kind Taonga By Timoti


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