Kiri-Pū-Tapu – free form pounamu pendant.

Kiri is skin, form, substance.  Pū-tapu is origin or source.  Kiri-pū-tapu – the original form of being.

Kiri-pū-tapu describes the fact that these pieces have been minimally worked so that they maintain their original form and skin.

This taonga was created from the end piece of a larger pounamu kohatu.  As Tim was working it he realised that the piece needed to stay just as it was.  It could not, should not, be cut and shaped to suit our plans.  Tim simply polished it to let its inner beauty out.  And you can see for yourself it is a stunning taonga.

This one bears its own scars but it is beautiful because of them.  With its raw red rind you can enjoy the edge pounamu presents to the world. However you can also see right into the depths of this pounamu, enjoying its inner beauty.  It is such a stunning taonga.

Once you hold this taonga in your hands and play with it you will see why it is so special.  Fractured but not broken. Your very own raw form piece of Pounamu to accompany you on your journey.

  • Tangiwai pounamu for Te Tai Poutini
  • 87mm length. 20mm at widest point
  • One of a kind Taonga By Timoti


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