Inanga Toki for pēpē

This is a lovely little  toki with a gently curved edges. It would be perfect for pēpē, and pounamu is wonderfully cool on teething gums.  We’ve never met a pēpē who doesn’t immediately grab the pounamu and put it in their mouths or hold it fast in their little fists.

Inanga toki has beautiful patterns in its depth. It’s a special taonga, full of character.

Toki had to be strong to endure the cutting and scraping motions of its use.  Therefore it has come to be a symbol of strength(particularity in times of adversity), courage, and fortitude. Toki were also worn by elders as a symbol of power, wisdom, and authority.  This would be a wonderful toki for pēpē to carry through their life as they grow in strength and character.

  • One of a kind taonga by Timoti
  • Inanga pounamu from Te Tai Poutini
  • 37mm length x 27mm width


Out of stock


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