Huia Pounamu Pendant

The Huia was a remarkable bird, with its long, slender curved beak, a brilliantly yellow coloured wattle, its ethereal call(listen to its beauty here) and of course its distinctive white-tipped tail feathers. This rare bird was considered tapu and ornamentation made from the Huia were only worn by persons of high rank.  Hence Huia feathers were highly prized and kept in ornately carved boxes(waka Huia), only to be taken out and worn on special occasions. Huia feathers were given as tokens of friendship and respect and are still highly prized here in Aotearoa.

This is an elegant pendant carved with the majestic Huia in mind.  With simple lines and a gently curving feather form, this Huia pounamu feather is naturally stunning. You will see in the photos that you can hold this taonga up to the light to reveal an even deeper beauty within.  This taonga would look equally at home on a man or a woman. Radiating strength, confidence and connection to the tupuna and Tane’s children, the manu.

  • A one of a kind taonga by Timoti
  • Tangiwai Pounamu from Te Tau Ihu
  • Length 113mm x 20mm



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