Hei Pounamu Korowai

Tim carved this Korowai taonga in a beautiful forest green as the cream flecks look like feather that can adorn a traditional korowai.  The carved lines reflect  hukahuka (tassles) that are the key features of Korowai.  These tassels are created from muka fibre.  As is the base of the entire korowai.

The weaving of korowai is an ancient art form. One Korowai takes months of preparation and mahi – from gathering and striping the harakeke, plieng the fibre on your leg that is then washed and pounded. If feathers are used, 1000’s of  these must be gathered and made ready.  It is months of mahi to make these incredible taonga.

Aotearoa is incredibly blessed to still have traditional weavers who retain and pass on the sacred knowledge of korowai weaving. This taonga is a  nod to those tangata, and to those tupuna who carried and passed the knowledge down over the centuries.  Without them a people would be lost.  Here is a favourite quote of ours from a movie we once watched, Monuments Men, I think it sums up the ode of this taonga better than I could;

“They’d tell us, with this many people dying who cares about art? They’re wrong, because its exactly what we’re fighting for. For a culture and for a way of life. You can wipe out a generation of people, you can burn their homes to the ground and somehow they’ll still come back. But if you destroy their acheivement’s, their history, than it’s like it never existed. Its just ash floating…it’s one thing we simply can’t allow.”

This taonga is the prefect gift of recognition for the weaver in your life.

  • Kawakawa  from Te Tai Poutini.
  • 115mm long x 33mm wide
  • One of a kind Taonga By Timoti


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