Golden Ira – smoky Marsden Flower Jade pendant

This stunning necklace is just the perfect taonga if you are looking for something elegant and timeless.  With a subtle golden hue it reminds us of the end of a sunset after a glorious day.  It is a beautiful taonga to look at.

Ira means dot.  We just love the universal significance of dots so much that we wrote a blog about them.  Pop on over here and read all about where the dots come from and why we think they are so important for the world to enjoy.  Let’s all connect the dots and make one big beautiful picture together.

This dot was so elegant it seemed only right to string it on a chain. In our efforts to care for Papatūānuku and her people we decided a long time ago that we would never buy new chains as we do not know under what conditions the metals are mined and proceseed, nor the conditions of the labourers working the chains.  So we scour antique and second hand stores to source our sterling silver chain.  While the stamp has been lost over the years, this chain has been certified as plated gold by our antique dealer.

Golden Ira has is gently curved on one side making it a very soothing tong to hold on to and rub when you need a little pounamu strength in your day.

This taonga is just so elegant and rich. The perfect taonga for wearing every day, it would look equally stunning on a fancy night out.


  • One of a kind taonga by Timoti
  • Taonga is 23mm diameter.  Chain is approximately 40cm in total length
  • Marsden Flower Jade from Te Tai Poutini



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