Pounamu Guitar Pick

These pounamu guitar picks are the perfect taonga for the guitar player in your life – even if that’s you!

Delaney Davidson is the kaitiaki of some Taonga By Timoti guitar picks and this is what he says about them;

“They changed sound as they warmed to the fingers, and also changed the way we played. I see them as a treasure. They will be cherished.”

And here’s some feedback on our guitar picks from Zoe Scott of Foxtrots;

“It sounds so cool with the pounamu pick. You know, so punchy.”

I really can’t add any more to these musician words.

Pounamu guitar picks are a taonga from the whenua which will change the way you play!

This is a particularly unique pick being carved in a rare dendritic Kokopu Pounamu from Te Tau Ihu. Dendrites are a mineral that seep into the stone and give it those beautiful feathering black flecks.

Kia kawea tātou e te rēhia
Let us be taken by the spirit of joy, of entertainment


  • Pounamu whakapapa: Te Tau Ihu
  • Kohatu: Dendritic Kokopu Pounamu
  • Size: 34mm length x 30mm widest point
  • All our guitar picks come with their own wooden box so you can store them safely when not in use.  



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