Whakapirau – lush green Kawakawa pounamu earrings

These gorgeous whakakai are a little flight of fancy. Pun intended.  These were tiny shards of green that Tim was given and he wanted to carve something fun and fantastical with them. When we held them up to the light and saw the beautiful veins we both knew they could be nothing other then pounamu fairy wings that had landed on our doorstep.   These earrings took on a life of their own as Tim carved them from the stone.

Check out the photos to see the stunning patterns hidden within the pounamu.

Long and bold whilst still being graceful and delicate, these earrings would compliment any outfit.

  • One of a kind pounamu earrings.
  • Total length 96mm. Pounamu 82mm
  • Hung on our handmade sterling silver kidney hooks that have a little catch at the back so your favourite earrings can’t be lost from your ear.
The Story

Whakaparirau is to equip or be equipped with wings.

“Mā te huruhuru, ka rere te manu.”

(With wings a bird flies).



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