Whakaparirau – pounamu wings

Whakaparirau – to equip or be equipped with wings.

These gorgeous whakakai are a little flight of fancy. Pun intended. Made from a rare and beautiful Totoweka Pounamu, their red and gold colouring is absolutely stunning. These are the absolute last taonga to be made from this pounamu. And with just a few pieces out there you will be 100% unique with these whakakai in your taringa.

Tim wanted to carve something whimsical and fantastical with this last wee piece of Totoweka.   He got it just right with these wings.  Graceful, delicate and ethereal, these earrings would compliment any outfit.

“Mā te huruhuru, ka rere te manu.”  

(With wings a bird flies)

Come and equip yourself with wings.

  • Totoweka Pounamu from Te Tau Ihu
  • Total length 67mm. Pounamu 52mm
  • One of a kind pounamu earrings.
  • Hung on our handmade 14k rolled gold hoops






Out of stock


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