Taiomo – White pounamu earrings

What can I say about these earrings? I mean, you can see for yourself, they are simply stunning. The way the green mixes with the white making streaks of colourful loveliness, like snow on the native bush.  Then coming to these strong white points.  So, so beautiful!

These dazzling beauties would look stunning with your most gorgeous evening dress, and equally stand out against your BBQ best.

Absolutely unique, we only have one other smaller pair like this.

  • Total length 91mm. Pounamu 75mm
  • One of a kind pounamu earrings
  • Hung on our handmade sterling silver kidney hooks that have a little catch at the back so your favourite pair of earrings won’t fall from your ears.
The Story

Taiomo is a clay Māori processed and mixed with oil to make white paint.  Similarly, the outer clay rind of the pounamu oxidises over time, giving us this beautiful white rind.  This particular stone was in the perfect condition for us to carve these stunning earrings using that outer rind and to us the feel like perfectly painted pictures from clay. Taiomo.😏


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