Marama hua earrings

These little cuties are a slightly smaller version of our Marama earrings.  The smaller size means they are perfect for those days when you went to wear something stylish but subtle that will see you through your work day and your night out.  The gorgeous silvery grey means they will work with any outfit (scroll through to see them on our colourful model) and add that little splash of colour you might need to lighten up your face.  These are my go-to earrings when I’m racing out the door and need to look effortlessly gorgeous.

45mm max diameter

The Story

This silvery stone is a diopside/nephrite mix.  Both semi-precious gemstones, the diopside gives the nephrite that silky look that reflects the light and creates a sense of movement in the stone.

Marama hua is the full moon. These silvery marama remind me of the full moon on a stormy night as he battles with the clouds to be seen by his mortal viewers on the earth.


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