Serpentine leaf earrings

As you can see from the photos, the colours on these earrings are mesmerising and the stone almost looks to be painted on.  If you hold them up to a bright light you will even find little glowing windows of gold.  The leaf shape is an enduring classic that will see you through the years.  These earrings are absolutely one of a kind, they will pair well with any outfit and will make you feel unique, elegant and strong.  Scroll through the photos to see just how beautiful they are.

67mm length x 21mm max width

The Story

Serpentine is made up of many minerals that are also found in nephrite pounamu.  It is softer then Nephrite and so more easily shaped.  Māori used serpentine to make reels and pendants for adornments and it was also used to craft fishing lures.


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