Pounamu Plugs

If you are a plug wearer you’ll want to accentuate your unique style and individuality by getting yourself a set of these genuine pounamu plugs.   Pounamu plugs are hard to find so you can be guaranteed you’ll stand out with these beauties in your ear. Wearing pounamu against your skin gives you a sense of connection with Papatūānuku and confidence to walk tall and proud.  These would also make fantastic gifts for the plug wearer in your life.

We currently have two stones available for plugs:

  1. Pounamu and diopside mix – we call this the bubble stone because the diopisde and pounamu have mixed in such a way that it looks like bubbles in the stone.  This stone is from our Whakatu awa.
  2. Tangiwai Pounamu – a deep green pounamu from the Te Tau Ihu awa.
  • Please remember that pounamu is a natural material.  Every set of taonga we make will be different due to the unique variations within the stone.
  • We make your pounamu plugs to order.  Individually hand-carved just for you.
  • Please allow up to 21 days from your order to completion of your plugs.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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