Papatūānuku Pou whenua – Deep green Tangiwai earrings

These earrings appear to be black most of the time but when the light hits them just right they show their deep dark forest translucent green colouring.  Papatūānuku’s magic.

With their long cylindrical shape, they are elegant and timeless, perfect for evey occasion, any time.  They are also wonderful to play with and move beautifully in the ears.

  • One of a kind hand carved pounamu earrings
  • Total length 68mm. Pounamu 50mm
  • Hung on our handmade 14k rolled Rose gold earrings hoops
The Story

The Pou Whenua is a boundary marker or marker of ownership. These were ornately carved posts placed strategically in the ground to mark your iwi boundaries or places of special significance. With their wide base and peaked tip, these earrings were carved to resemble the pou whenua, the marker of boundaries. With the pounamu coming from deep within the earth they felt to us like Papatūānuku’s pou whenua.



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