Matomato Tangiwai earrings

These lush green Tangiwai earrings are a must-have for any serious pounamu earring lover.  We have tested this style of earring with a lot of wear, so we know how to carve them to a weight that makes them both comfortable and strong.  They are light enough for you to wear all day long and then keep them on to show off at that evening gathering, without feeling a drag in your ear.   You can see in the photos that they are so thin the light behind will highlight their true depth and make them glow.  You will stand out in a crowd with these sumptuous, hand-crafted beauties, conveying confidence and fun to everyone who gets to see you in them.

We hand make our hooks using sustainably sourced sterling silver

60mm diameter

The Story

Matomato means to be green and grow vigorously, in other words, to flourish and be lush.  The green of these earrings is exactly that, lush, with the glow of a vigorously growing plant.  When you wear these Tangiwai earrings you will feel lush too – I promise.

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