Matomato Kahurangi – lush green pounamu earrings

Matomato is lush green.  Kahurangi is the most highly prized pounamu because of its lush green colour and beautiful glass-like transparency. Kahurangi also means to be highly prized, precious or distinguished.  These elegant pounamu Kahurangi earrings are all that. They are literally Matomato Kahurangi – lush green and something of great value.

Tim kept them simple because some days you just want earrings that are quietly gorgeous and make you feel like a princess. They also look great in a second piercing and will tinkle like tiny bells in your ears if paired with another set of dangling pounamu earrings.   These would make a sweet wee gift for your daughter, your wife or your best friend.

  • Total length 77mm. Pounamu 55mm
  • Hung from our hand made sterling silver hoops 
  • One of a kind taonga by Timoti


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