Little Blue Maunga pounamu earrings

I am absolutely in love with these Little Blue Maunga pounamu earrings.  They are an amazing combination of unique, quirky, sophisticated and fun. The ethereal blue pounamu is highlighted by beautifully faceted edges. And the slightly offset triangle reminds you that these are 100% hand-made works of art.  Browse through the model photos to see how these little blue maunga earrings can be worn for edgy style, frivolous fun or classy sophistication.   These little blue pounamu earrings are a one of a kind pair, made on a whimsical note.  Can’t guarantee we’ll make them again.

The Story

We love to carve triangles. For us, triangles represent your maunga and your whenua. They are your immovable mountains of security, endurance and permanence. Triangles are strong, with a solid foot set firmly in the ground and a peak reaching to lofty heights.  Triangles represent earth and sky, Papatūānuku and Ranginui, past, present and future.

Furthermore, this blue pounamu is rare,  stone like this is a once in a lifetime find. Most blue pounamu will change colour over time, as it oxidises. The rind of this stone is the same colour as the inside, which tells us that this blue nephrite will not change with age. We have one taonga like this, once these pieces are gone we will be extremely fortunate to ever find another piece like it.


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