Koropupū Rua

These earrings are carved in pounamu that was formed by a giant boil up.  The pounamu has been sitting in a liquefied state, deep down in the belly of the earth. While it sits there, heat and pressure force other minerals into it.  Then, through earth movement, it has been pushed up really quickly. This causes tiny pockets to form within the pounamu while it cools. The minerals grow within that pocket and when you cut it you reveal those tiny pockets of minerals within the pounamu.   Those tiny pockets are the golden inclusions you see in these taonga.

So we named them Koropupū, which means to bubble up or boil.  Like the process that formed this pounamu deep in the belly of Papatūānuku. The inner workings of the earth on display.  Fascinating.  And they are Rua, because we have a similar pair here.  Same stone, different shape.

With a length that gives them a commanding presence, these earrings will definitely have you standing out from the crowd.

  • Length 135mm. Pounamu 110mm
  • Hung from sterling silver hoops, made by us.
  • One of a kind taonga by Timoti


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