Iti toki – small pounamu earrings

Charming little toki earrings in a classic green kawakawa pounamu. Dainty and adorable in your ears, they add a touch of pounamu class to your outfit and are perfect for popping on when you can’t think about what to wear but you just need to look good.  These little lovelies would be perfect for your young daughter, your teenager or your wife.  Great little all-round pounamu earrings.

  • One of a kind pounamu earrings
  • Total length 52mm. Pounamu 35mm
  • Hung on our handmade sterling silver hooks
The Story

The Toki was one of the most important tool for Māori and were used for any number of everyday jobs such as cutting down trees, carving out waka, digging ground, Moa hunting and food preparations. Because the toki had to be strong to endure the cutting and scraping motions of its use it became a symbol of strength(particularity in time of adversity), courage and fortitude. It was also worn by elders as a symbol of power, wisdom and authority.


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