Elegant Pounamu Roimata earrings

Elegant, stylish, classic.  These roimata earrings are just stunning.

Wear them with your best gown for that glittery night out.  They’d look equally at home at the office, a BBQ or your best friends party.  These earrings go with everything.

With their length and gently rounded shape, they make you feel gorgeous and confident. I have a pair so I know this is true!

Roimata symbolise unbreakable love, shared sorrow.  These would make the perfect little gift to let your gorgeous wife know how much you love her.  Or perhaps you have a dear friend who is grieving right now and you want them to know you are standing alongside them.

A wee drop of pounamu to keep you grounded while you go about your day.

The Story of the Roimata

Roimata are the tears cried by two sacred albatross that accompanied Pourangahua to Aotearoa.

Pourangahua was an agriculturist traveling to Aotearoa to grow kumara. The kumara were gifted to him by Ruakapanga, a tohunga and learned scientist. 

Ruakapanga lent Pourangahua two pet albatross to accompany him on his journey. He gave him strict instructions on how to care for the birds, and a karakia to give thanksgiving for their safe return. However, in his hurry to see his wife Kaniowai, Pourangahua took a shortcut, ran into a taniwha, forgot the karakia and failed to care for the birds. Consequently, this led to the bird’s grief and eventual demise.

Upon realizing that he had dishonoured Ruakapanga, Pourangahua tries to cover his mistake. He belatedly spoke the karakia, but it was too late. The damage was done, the toroa were weak and abused. 

The toroa flew back to Ruakapanga. He was furious when he saw the state of his beloved toroa. In his anger, he cursed the kumara with a blight that can wreak havoc on an entire year’s crop.

This story comes from Tim’s Te Tairawhiti Ngati Porou whakapapa.  The Roimata Toroa speaks of the importance of following tikanga and respecting the wisdom of those who are here to help us on our journey. 

Roimata also symbolise a deep unabiding sorrow, as that felt by Pourangahua for his mistakes.  Moreover, Roimata symbolise an unbreakable love, like the love Ruakapanga felt for his taonga toroa.

  • One of a kind taonga by Timoti
  • 95mm from Hoop to base. Pounamu 73mm
  • Tangiwai pounamu from Te Tai Poutini



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