Braided Rivers – pounamu earrings

Braided Rivers – have you seen them?  They are amongst Aotearoa’s most stunning natural features.  Gravel plains with rivers emerging from the southern alps  form a unique river system found in only a few places around the world.  Braided rivers are the habitat of many rare birds, plants, fish and other creature.  Historically they were an important source of kai to iwi in the area.   If you haven’t stood in a landscape of braided rivers you really must, they are majestic.

You can find some stunning images of braided rivers here.

Have a look at you will see why Tim called these earrings braided rivers.  The darker mineral inclusions like the gravel plains formal braids as they are shifted and moved by the rivers flowing from the alps.  And those golden tips – rivers flowing to the sea or the alps themselves? You choose.

In your ears, with the light behind them, you can see all the detail in the pounamu.  They really are beautiful. I just love this style of earring. They twist and move as you do, making you feel gorgeous. And strong, with the strength of pounamu in your ears.  Perfect for every occasion.

  • Kawakawa pounamu from Te Tai Poutini
  • 14k Rolled Gold hooks
  • 75mm from Hoop to tip. Pounamu 47mm diameter
  • One of a kind taonga by Timoti




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