Hina-Uri’s black pounamu earrings

Deep black and glossy with hidden depths of colour and pattern. These black pounamu earrings are a real treasure, reflecting the depth and surprises all women contain within.  Catch the light behind them and they glow with a subtle red(check it out in our photos below), or just enjoy the beauty of black with hidden patterns amongst the stone.  These black pounamu earrings are a real statement piece that can be worn with any outfit to make you stand out from the crowd, and reflect elegance and style.

60mm diameter

This black pounamu is an incredibly rare find. Most black pounamu would glow green when back lit. But when back lit Hina Uri glows red. The red is a result of the original stone being revulcanised(recooked) at high temperatures, hence the red glow you can enjoy when the light hits these earrings from behind.

The story

In Māori tradition Hina is the female personified form of the moon and, as such, she is the patroness of women and all things connected to women, such as fertility and the cycle of life.  Hina-uri (Dark Hina) is Hina’s name during the dark phase of the moon when she is said to go far off every month in order to bathe her wasted dying form in the fountain of youth, the rejuvenating waters of the Waiora a Tane, to return to this world young and beautiful again.


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