Pakohe dots

Pakohe (otherwise known as Argillite) was an important kohatu for Māori and is particularly associated with the Te Tau Ihu region of Aotearoa where it was sourced from and widely traded by Ngāti Kuia.  It was particularly useful for making everyday tools that needed to be strong, smooth and hold a sharp edge.

Pakohe has a lovely smooth feel and that marble-like colouring…..Ugh! Just so gorgeous.

Every single dot is unique.  Gift one on its own or get yourself a pair so you can be connected by your dots.

And the dot pendants are perfect for everyone. Small enough for kids and even babies to wear comfortably. 

Pull up the adjustable cord and you can keep them on during yoga class or at the gym as they don’t flap around or hit you in the teeth! 

Elegant enough to wear on a night out and men look great in them too.

We’d love to see everyone wearing one and then we can all come together and CONNECT THE DOTS.

The Story

We just love the universal significance of dots so much that we wrote a blog about them.  Pop on over here and read all about where the dots come from and why we think they are so important for the world to enjoy.  Let’s all connect the dots and make one big beautiful picture together.

  • One of a kind taonga by Timoti
  • Pakohe from Te Tau Ihu

** You even get to choose your own dot.  Let us know in the notes which colour dot you would like.


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