Tane Mahuta Pounamu Bangle

A glamorous Inanga pounamu bangle with a beautiful inclusion of chatoyant silver river jade, this piece will flash in the light as you move your arm. The silvers and blues run into various hues of of flowing greens as the bangle rotates, representing the forest of Aotearoa in all its glorious colours. Wearing a bracelet or ring gives you a beautiful, full, tactile experience with the taonga. The experience of being wrapped in Papatuanuku as you carry her around with you through the day. Bracelets are wonderful for touching, twisting and playing with.  Perfect for the fiddler!

The Story
Tane Mahuta is the Māori god of the forests as played an important role in tribal consciousness and traditions. As the tamariki who successfully separated his parent(Papatūānuku and Ranginui)he is essentially responsible for bringing our world in to being. He fashioned the first heavens, bought humans into being and brought the baskets of knowledge, wisdom and understanding down from the sky to humans. His various names suggest freshness, youth, someone who can overcome others’ actions, and who is true, loyal and authentic. He is seen as upright and able to bear the weight of an enterprise; he has his roots in the earth and his head in the heavens.


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