Te Waka Pounamu

Tim and pain

When we first started this mahi we thought it was all about the pounamu.

But the further along we go on this hikoi we are realising that the pounamu is actually a waka.

The pounamu waka that takes us to the places we need to go to connect to the people we need to connect to.

Pounamu waka takes us to the people that teach us, nourish us and point us on to our next destination.

Pounamu waka takes us to the people to whom we can pass along the things we have learnt, helping others on their journey, feeding others as we have been fed.

Pounamu waka takes us to the people who need to be connected with the pounamu. Be it that the pounamu is to help them heal, to give them strength or take them on their own hikoi.

Actually you know the more I think about it the more I wonder;

Is the pounamu our waka or are we a waka for the pounamu?


Kāhu hawk pounamu pendant

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