Whanau pendant

A porowhita(circle) pendant is always lovely to hold and play with. This whanau pendant has notches around the edge which make it just that much more tactile. Because we make this to order just for you, when you order your whanau pendant you can let us know in the notes how many whanau you would like represented in your whanau notches.

With a flat back this piece sits very nicely against the chest and the wee peek of skin in the centre circle is a little bit cheeky and alluring. This is a lovely, feminine, tangiwai taonga with speckles of serpentine giving it that unique character.

Diameter 55mm

The Story
Tangiwai(to cry water) has many origins but our understanding is that Tangiwai is the tears Ranginui cried after his children violently separated him from his wife Papatūānuku. The porowhita whanau pendant is our way of reuniting Ranginui with Papatūānuku for a short time. The whanau notches also represent the whakapapa notches used by our tupuna to remember who they descended from.


The finer points

  • We gather the pounamu ourselves, so the type of pounamu we have available to us is always changing depending on what the awa brings to us.  If you see something you love, to avoid disappointment we recommend you take the opportunity to purchase it while you can as we cannot guarantee the same colour pounamu will always be available to us
  • We make your whanau pendant to order.  Individually hand-carved just for you.
  • Please remember that pounamu is a natural material so every taonga we make from this stone will be different due to the unique variations within the stone.
  • Precious things take time – please allow up to 14 days from your order to completion of your taonga.  If you need your taonga urgently please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your request.


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