The Savannah – Kokopu pounamu pendant

This stunning Kokopu pounamu pendant will set you apart from the crowd.  With its unique colouring and dendritic markings, it reminded me of the times I was lucky enough to watch wildebeest migrating across the savannah. There is even a hint of the setting sun to finish off the scene. Or perhaps it is a leopard laying in the plains. Or even a weka hiding in the long dry summer grass. This taonga will bring you hours of fascination!  And it is incredibly striking when worn against black or deep forest greens.

Carved in a rare Kokopu pounamu from Te Tau Ihu. If you are looking for a unique gift for your ‘one and only’ this taonga is the perfect place to start.

Tim has set the cord into the back of the taonga so that the holes are hidden and do not interrupt the beauty of the stone.

48mm diameter

The Story

The stone for this gorgeous Kokopu pounamu pendant would have been sitting in a high mineral bath for many thousands of years, over time some of these minerals seep into hairline fractures creating beautiful whispy patterns in the pounamu, these are the dendrites. Pounamu from the Nelson region tends to have more dendritic corruption due to the high amount of minerals in this area.



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