Te Ata

This taonga. I just can’t get over its stunning colours.  All swirling together.  Just so stunning.

Te Ata is the dawn.  And this piece spoke to us of the golden glow of colours that dawn every day.  But also perhaps the dawn of time.  The potential for any possibility from the swirling primordial soup that was creation.

Tim left the depth of rind on here, just another level of experience with this taonga.

You need to flick through the photos and take a good long look at the close-ups.  How incredible is that?

Carved in a shape (ata also means shape, clever eh?😉) that fits comfortably in the hand. Perfect for the tactile person who likes to hold and play with their jewellery.

A taonga like this is a rare find. Truly a unique taonga by Timoti.

  • One of a kind taonga by Timoti
  • Raukaraka pounamu from Te Tau Ihu
  • 63mm length x 38mm width


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