Tane Mahuta – large Pounamu Toki

It is difficult to show the beauty of this piece in a photo. But do look closely and you will see this toki is alive with colour and pattern, with swirls of creams amongst vivid greens and even a pounmau ‘eye’ on the side. A strong and vibrant taonga, it has an intensity and its own mana. We named this taonga Tane Mahuta, not only because the colours reflect the native forests of Aotearoa, but because the taonga resonates with the same type of strength and action as Tane Mahuta. Read more on Tane below.
157mm length x 55mm max width

The Story
Tane, god of the forest, was of great importance in tribal traditions. He separated earth and sky, and brought this world into being; he fashioned the first human; he adorned the heavens, and brought the baskets of knowledge, wisdom and understanding down from the sky to human beings. For some Tāne is a model for masculinity and action in the world. His various names suggest freshness, youth, someone who can overcome others’ actions, and who is true, loyal and authentic. He is seen as upright and able to bear the weight of an enterprise; he has his roots in the earth and his head in the heavens.

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