Rūaimoko – Inanga large toki

A stunning pounamu toki necklace with presence and strength.  Its shape reflects that of toki carved by the ancestors.  Have a look through the photos to see its gently curved out head.  This toki is carved from pounamu that has endured the shattering of an earthquake and then been recompressed by Papatūānuku to form a new and stronger pounamu. Broken but not destroyed. Broken and reformed into a new beauty.

A slightly larger toki, this taonga is a stand out piece.  With it’s stunning tremolite shimmer and healed fracture lines it is a rare beauty.

⭐️ As always, this is a one-of-a-kind taonga by Timoti, so you can be assured your taonga is as unique as you are.

⭐️134mm length x 55mm wide

The Story

Rūaimoko is the atua of earthquakes and the youngest child of Ranginui and Papatūānuku. Rūaimoko was carried underground with his mother when her sons turned her away from Ranginui to stop his endless tears of grieving for his lost wife.  He remained there with her to keep her company in her grief.


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