Ranga ika – chatoyant pounamu

It is difficult to take a photo that does justice to the colours and vibrancy of this chatoyant pounamu pendant. The chatoyancy means the silver flickers and moves as it shifts in the light, much like the flickering scales on a school of fish as they dart through the water. Hence the name Ranga ika, school of fish. But the more you hold this piece and play with it in the light the more life you will see in it. The variations are endless. I have included images of both sides because they are so different from each other. With a lovely curve on both the front and back and its mesmerising movement, this chatoyant pounamu pendant is great for the person who loves tactile jewellery. A captivating piece, unique and mesmerising.
Diameter 50mm

The Story
The porowhita(circle) holds universal relevance as a symbol of perfection, wholeness and the complete as well as the endless cycle of life and death, timelessness and eternity. For us, the circular pounamu pendants also represent celestial bodies and the circular nature of the universe.


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